Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date July 10, 2013
Written by Meredith Stiehm & Elwood Reid
Directed by Gerardo Naranjo
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"Pilot" is the first episode of the first season of The Bridge.


The lights go out on the Bridge of the Americas, plunging the US-Mexican border into darkness. When power is restored, Judge Lorraine Gates's body is found directly on the border line. Both El Paso Detective Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) and Chihuahua Detective Marco Ruiz (Demián Bichir) arrive on the scene. Ruiz allows an ambulance with Charlotte Millright (Annabeth Gish) and her husband (Robert R. Shafer), who is having a heart attack, to cross back into the States. When Gates's body is moved, it comes apart at the waist. The coroner (Mary Pat Gleason) informs Cross and supervisor Lt. Hank Wade (Ted Levine) that the top part of the body is Gates's, but the bottom part is a young Hispanic female's, later identified as Cristina Fuentes. Ruiz matches Fuentes with a previous case where twenty-three dismembered bodies were found in a "death house," one of many body drop sites. The judge's car and her lower half are found, but her ID card is missing. In a separate series of events, Steven Linder (Thomas M. Wright) calls to Eva Guerra (Sandra Echeverría) in a dark street in Mexico outside of a night club. She goes up to him, and then he puts her in his car's trunk and removes her shoes. He brings her to a remote mobile home in Texas and locks her in the trailer. The police use recovered images from border patrol to identify the license plate of the car that dropped the dead bodies on the bridge, leading them to reporter Daniel Frye (Matthew Lillard). Before the police reach Frye he becomes trapped inside his car by an apparent bomb with a timer. The timer elapses without exploding and leaves a message saying the dead bodies on the bridge are "only the beginning". Elsewhere, Charlotte's husband has died after telling her he wanted a divorce because he doesn't love her anymore. Back at home, Charlotte goes through his personal effects at their ranch. She finds a second cell phone, which is password protected. She answers a call on this phone, but the woman calling the phone hangs up. Charlotte also finds a key in her deceased husband's wallet. She asks a ranch hand (Alejandro Patino) about both the key and the phone. He doesn't know about the phone, but takes her to a remote cabin on the ranch. In the cabin's cellar she finds a padlocked door.[1]



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THE BRIDGE - New Series Trailer HD

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