Alma Ruiz

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Administrator for El Paso State University
Family members

Husband - Marco Ruiz

Adopted Son - Gustavo "Gus" Ruiz

Daughters - Sophia Ruiz

Lilly Ruiz

Wife of Marco Ruiz.

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Alma Ruiz is the wife of Detective Marco Ruiz. After her husband's infidelity, she begins an affair with David Tate who is using a false identity to get close to her. David's late wife was having an affair with Marco before her death. She and David's son also died alongside her in a car accident while crossing the bridge to Mexico. After a fight, David's wife took her son and was on the way to see Marco. This happened before Alma and Marco were together. Despite this, David uses Alma as a way to get back at Marco. Although he is unsuccessful in killing Alma, Alma leaves Marco after finding out why she and her family are targeted with such heinous crimes. The separation appears to be for good by the end of season 1.

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